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I'm not just a pretty face ya know !

Paul Squire

Freelance web designer, London, UK

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I am a freelance website designer based in East Finchley, North London. I'd like to think of myself as a friendly, easy going creative type, who can work well with all kinds of clients.

I got into web designing through working with digital imagery and design in the music sector a few years back now. In fact I first started working with Adobe's Photoshop way back in the late 90's when it was in it's infancy and designing websites using Dreamweaver naturally developed from there.

Bespoke CSS Web design

As the technology develops, so do the skills needed in creating effecticve web design and I like to keep my finger on the pulse of this quick moving environment. These days I like to use CSS, jQuery and custom graphics to create the best web designs I can. You need a healthy dose of technical expertise as well as visual flair, to create effective web designs and I hope to meet both of these objectives with every project.

Some websites can be quickly designed using a css architecture and framework, others can be designed in photoshop to get that completely bespoke look, and then developed into the html for the website itself.

Wordpress Web design in London

Although many websites used to be designed using the CSS hand coded, bespoke method, a great deal of websites are now powered by platforms such as Wordpress.

It was originally a blogging platform and is now used for millions of websites across the globe. Wordpress uses themes for the style, look and content management and can be hosted on your own domain name. It is an excellent content management system and easy to keep updated when the site has been designed.

I offer theme customisation, installation and set up. There are also a number of options for ecommerce, using plugins, all of which can be quite time consuming and confusing for the 'non tech savvy' . I can help with all of this, having set up and maintained many sites using this popular online system.

Squarespace customisations

Squarespace has continued to improve as a platform for setting up your own website. Whether as a creative portfolio, or a fully fledged online platform for selling goods, Squarespace has it all, and it is indeed a great platform.

However many people get frustrated when setting up their own sites using the Squarespace premade templates. Somehow it just doesn't quite look as good as the example sites. Well that's where I can help you to get that professional look, just get in touch.


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